State Commissioner (Risk & Safety)

The State Commissioner (Risk & Safety) is the volunteer member responsible to the Assistant Chief Commissioner (ACC) Innovation and Culture (I&C) for creating and nurturing a no- or low-risk practices in how Scouts NSW facilitates and delivers adventurous activities and manages our facilitates and locations.

Key responsibilities include:
– Work jointly with the ACC I&C and Head of Risk to build a strong approach to risk and safety and a set of planned contingencies
– Develop a strong and constructive working relationship with the Head of Risk to understand current and future needs from our Scouting locations and situations
– Undertake a system of education for members that will raise awareness of risk and safety of how to manage and respond to risk and how to report incidents when required
– Liaise with SC Adventurous Activities to ensure the Scouts NSW facilities and locations to support the delivery of adventurous activities are safe

The 2021 State structure was recently announced. More information is available to answer questions asked during the feedback period.

This position is open to any member or supporter who has an associated area of expertise or interest and who believes they can make a positive difference to Scouting in NSW.

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