The Ultimate Packing Guide for State Rally 2019

State Rally is one of the biggest events on the NSW Scouting calendar. With over 240 Patrols in 2018 filling up Cataract Activity Centre, State Rally 2019 is set to be even bigger and better!

On a big event like State Rally, it’s important to be prepared for anything, and packing the right gear is one of the first things that you can to make sure that you’re ready to do your best – whether you’re a competitive Patrol, or just there to enjoy the awesome activities onsite.

1. Backpack/Hiking Pack

First up, you need a properly fitting backpack that’s just right for YOU. Your backpack should sit comfortably against your back, with the straps properly adjusted. Make sure everything is inside your pack so you don’t have any loose items swinging around where they could be damaged or you could lose them. Also, make sure you pack your own bag so that you know where everything is. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes trying to find your matches or your food!

2. Food

State Rally is a demanding event with lots of moving about to get to and participate in activities. Because of this, you need to make sure that you’ve packed healthy food with lots of energy. State Rally is a lightweight camp, meaning that you shouldn’t take anything that will make your pack any heavier than it needs to be. Try to pack foods with less packaging to minimise your environmental impact and pack fresh foods such as fruits and bread rolls for the first day. Instant noodles definitely aren’t going to be enough to sustain you for the camp, so pack hearty meals that are still relatively easy and quick for you and your Patrol to prepare.

3. Clothing

Because the camp takes place in early August, you need to consider the weather when planning your clothing and gear. It’s important that your clothing is comfortable, durable and suitable for your activities. It shouldn’t be any different to what you’d wear to any other Scout camp, just make sure that everything fits properly and suits the weather. Make sure that your hiking boots fit properly, and if they’re new, wear them around the house to wear them in and prevent blisters. A blister on camp would only ruin your enjoyment of the activities. If a sudden cold spell hits, you don’t want to rock up to Rally without a jumper or hoodie! A full list of compulsory and recommended gear is available here.

4. Scouting Gear

Okay, now we get to all the little things that will help you out on the camp. You should have your own personal first aid kit in case of any injuries, a compass to help you get around the campsite, and a cooking stove and matches to cook your food with. For bedding, make sure that you have enough tents for your Patrol, a sleeping bag and mat to sleep on, and a pillow if you’re feeling fancy. Finally, pack a torch or head torch so that you can make your way around the campsite in the dark safely and navigate to the night activities. After that, you should pack anything that you think will help you out at the camp.

The final thing to bring is a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. State Rally is all about having fun and working with your Patrol to do your best. You will be able to meet and make friends with scouts from all over NSW, and build up your Adventurous Activity Skills. No matter what, be ready for fun and adventure at State Rally 2019!

By William Mieklejohn, 1st Kooringal Scout Group

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