What is Operoo?

Operoo (formerly known as CareMonkey) is a parent-controlled Electronic Health Form (EHF) for organisations with a duty of care. Parents can easily update medical information […]

How much does it cost?

Families can download the free Operoo app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets.

Is the Operoo system secure?

Yes. The Operoo system uses sophisticated security measures to keep data safe. All personal health information managed by Operoo for Asia Pacific customers is stored […]

Who owns the data?

All data shared through the Operoo application belongs to the profile owner. Profile owners create an Electronic Health Form or EHF. Operoo provides a service […]

Exactly what data is required?

Medical and emergency contact details are the primary data, no more than you would have been asked to provide on a paper form. We also […]

How do I add an Action Plan?

If you say yes to Asthma or Anaphylactic allergies, you will be requested to provide an Action Plan. This can be a PDF document, or […]