OP29 – Members Portal

Develop an innovative platform for members to seek information, engage with each other and conduct Scout business in an open and transparent way.

OP28 – Refugee Program

Develop a program of social inclusion and outreach to extend the Scouting program into refugee communities, including Try Scouting activities in selected locations.

OP24 – Policy Procedures / O&I

Review and update the O&I policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date and relevant to Scouting today and to implement a simple […]

OP23 – Grants & Fund Raising

Identify and promote funding opportunities for Groups, Regions and State by researching opportunities and providing material to support funding applications.

OP22 – Government Relations Strategy

Establish an approach and materials that Groups, Regions and State can employ to develop and strengthen relationships with local, state and federal government.

OP19 – On line Processing

Implement solutions that will remove the paper forms and onerous administrative approval activities for the 40 plus business administration processes that directly impact Scout Groups […]

OP10 – CDS for Groups

Provide a series of tools and templates to Groups to make it simple to raise funds through the Container Deposit Scheme.

OP09 – Data Sharing

Establish ScoutLink as the source of truth for member information by providing secure links to trusted systems and applications that meet Scouts NSW’s systems and […]