1st Cobbitty, Upgrades to Hall, CBPG

Group: 1st Cobbitty

Project: Upgrades to Hall

Grant: CBPG

Replacement of the ageing flagpole, upgrade to security and safety lighting inside and out, new signage, a new fridge and stove in the kitchen and automatic openers to replace the old garage doors were all possible thanks to 1st Cobbitty’s successful grant application.

Sean’s advice is to always focus on the project outcomes and their benefits to members and Scouting because this is what the fun is all about.

In Sean’s words:

“Acknowledging the problems is part of the grant process, you are selling a short story to the Grant people and the Local Member of Parliament about the issues you are having and then using positive words to show how these issues will disappear with this grant. Local MPs are generally keen to see tangible outcomes from the grants, so be realistic about what you are asking for as value for money is also a key factor.”

Maintaining good communication with Scouts NSW was essential throughout the process. Not only because of changes in the initial scope, which the Scouts NSW Grants team helped through, but also because Scouts NSW provided all the hard to know information that helped ensure all the paperwork was in order.

1st Cobbitty is on a roll and has already put in another application for CBPG 2021!

Old Kitchen

1st Cobbity Old Kitchen

New Kitchen

1st Cobbity New Kitchen