Assistant Guide Qualification

  • Adventurous Activity Assistant Guide is a Scouts NSW Appointment available to Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Leaders. It is a pathway to Guide.
  • The position description for the Adventurous Activity Assistant Guide is here.
  • The first step in becoming an Assistant Guide is to find a Mentor Guide who can help you work through the process. The Mentor Guide will help you find courses and activities to build your skills.
  • Assistant Guide requires technical skills such as First Aid and Vertical Rescue for the vertical disciples. You will need to find courses to gain these skills.
  • Once you have obtained enough experience detailed in this External Qualifications Evidence Guide for Adventurous Activities, submit required evidence and your Log Book, which must show recent activity using this Guide Appointment Form.  You may already have enough evidence to become an Assistant Guide. If so, don’t hesitate and submit your evidence now! Use this Evidence Checklist for Guides to ensure you have everything.
  • Once received, your evidence will be reviewed for completeness (you may be asked for more evidence or detail). Following review, your evidence will be passed to an Assessor who may contact you to discuss your evidence.
  • You will receive an external qualifications certificate in the mail, and your qualification will be recorded in Scoutlink.
  • You will also receive a certificate stating that you are a Scouts NSW Adventurous Activities Assistant Guide by email. Your new appointment will be recorded in Scoutlink.