Joey, Cub, Scout and Venturer Scout Section

Suzanne Day

Current role within Scouts:
CSL NCR (Grafton Cub Pack)

Will use the following approach:
Working with others and trying to get the best outcome for our youth members within the scouting community, by networking with the members of the committee via either phone, Skype (for those out of the Sydney Basin) or email contact, to help get everyone’s ideas and how to understand where they are all coming from.

Interested in representing the workgroup on health and safety matters because:
I love the idea of helping where I can to better the name of Scouting, and help making scouting fun and safe for all members of the community.

Has first-hand experience in health and safety through:
Within the last 5 years as a CSL and a prior 2 years as a Group Chairperson, having been involved in making sure all things go according to plan within the group at the hall, camps, out in the community, also through writing the Risk Assessments for Activities and Camps that we have had. I also work as an SLSO (teachers aide) in the local Juvenile Justice centre so all things are about being on the constant watch of all things HS as well. Being on the watch for the small things that can make big things happen, without becoming all about bubble wrap.

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