Zero Hunger Recipe Book


Cubs love food. Zero Hunger is part of the Scouts In Action month where Cubs developed a Unit Recipe Book. Each Cub contributed a meal or dish that they wanted to share with others. Check out the recipe book here!

Here’s how to create your own cookbook!


Think about these ideas:

  • Something that represents your family’s heritage or culture
  • Your all-time favourite food or dish
  • The special meal that you always eat at a particular family event
  • The food that makes you happy when you eat it
  • A new food/dish you would like to try out
  • A recipe that would be good to eat on camp or a lightweight meal for camp
  • A simple nutritious meal that is not expensive to make


  • When you write your recipe, keep in mind that the person who will be preparing the dish is going to count on you to give instructions that will allow them to recreate exactly what you did. That means: be specific!
  • Start with writing down the name of your recipe.
  • Now list your ingredients. It might be helpful to list them in two columns.
  • Describe the procedure.
  • The final step in writing your recipe should be a description of any plating or presentation instructions. You can also talk about fun garnishes, great food partners for dishes, or anything else you like.


Why should you write down a recipe? So you can remember it and you share it with other people. How did your family like the recipe book? Which cultures or traditions did you include in your cookbook? Make sure to share your recipe book with us at [email protected].