Spoons dressed as characters in a garden

Check out Spoonville! They have created a fun activity to help the mental health of the community during this pandemic. Create a Spoonville gathering and share your pictures to help Spoonville spread around the world!


Think about:

  • Where you would like to place your spoon.
  • Whether or not your spoon will get damaged in the area you decide to put it.
  • Your favourite character you would like to create your spoon to look like.
  • Consider the weather (nail varnish is good to coat the spoons for protection).
  • The materials you will be using and where you will get them from.


  • Grab a wooden spoon and the other materials you would like to use.
  • Make sure you have glue nearby.
  • Start by making your spoon character’s face by drawing a face on the inside of the wooden spoon using felt tip pens. Draw whatever expression suits the puppet you’re making – happy, sad, angry, poking a tongue out, etc.
  • Decorate the puppet by sticking tissue paper and scraps of material to your wooden spoon for clothing. Create the characters’ arms and legs with pipe cleaners, add other features like hair or hats. Make lots of puppets and put on a show!
  • Make sure bits can’t blow off your Spoony person (we don’t want to litter).
  • Take a photo of your Spoony character and share it with friends and family.
  • Bury your spoon wherever you’d like.
  • Invite people to come and see your spoon (no touching!).
  • Have fun being creative!


There are now Spoonvilles all over the world with new Spoony characters popping up across every day. Some are in support of the NHS; some are just for fun. There are Spoonvilles by schools, in parks, by residential homes, along roadsides, and beside rivers. Where did you plant your Spoonville?

We can’t wait to find out where your Spoony character pops up!