12. Pandemic Parody

Type of Challenge:

This is an Individual OR Patrol Challenge. This challenge can be completed as a patrol or by one person in your patrol, but completing it together is a lot more fun!

Resources Required:

  • Patrol members
  • Video recording device
  • Video editing device and software (iMovie, DaVinci, Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Backing track (Karaoke versions of songs can be easily found on YouTube)

Challenge Description:

There’s been a lot of parodies circulating social media around lockdown and how we’re all learning to live with COVID-19. Individually or with your Patrol, you are to write a Parody about Scouting in this Pandemic as the theme. Your song should be appropriate for a general audience. Use a popular song and change the lyrics to ones themed around how you’ve had to complete Scouting during COVID-19. Parodies are satire and funny – so try to make yours light-hearted and fun!

You might even like to turn your song into a music video and act out the lyrics.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit the video of you/your patrol singing the parody you have created. If you are having trouble uploading the video, you could upload it on your YouTube channel as an ‘unlisted’ video and provide the YouTube link for your submission. This means your video can only be seen by people who have a link to it.

Example Submission:

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygdB-ZE0daY

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