2023 Scouts NSW Annual Membership Fees

Membership Costs

As a membership organisation, all funds go towards running the Youth Program and providing training and resources for our Leaders and members. Our Leaders and helpers are all volunteers which goes to keeping costs down. Scouts offers a broad, exciting Program, with many opportunities and membership fees are set to keep Scouts open to all. The Active Kids Voucher can be used to participate in Scouts, and there are support programs in place to assist families facing financial need and to help young people participate.

The cost of participating in Scouts comprises of:

  • An annual State membership fee that includes essential insurance for members, Leader training, a wide range of resources, and essential support services including finance, IT, property and facilities, child safety team and communications. Click here for a detailed information sheet on Membership Fees.
  • A local Group activity fee covers the week-to-week expenses of running Scouts – resources, maintenance and utilities of the Scout Hall, and regular meeting activities.
  • One-off costs – there are many opportunities for additional participation in Scouts and there may be associated fees like camping charges, travel, event fees etc.

How much is the State Membership Fee and when is it due?

In 2023 the State Membership fee is $270 for the full calendar year. There is also a one-off joining fee of $60 for new members.

The payment of fees is due bi-annually, in advance:

  • Trek 1 is due in January (for period Jan – Jun).
    In 2023 Trek 1 State Membership fees are $167.50.
  • Trek 2 is due in July (for period Jul – Dec).
    In 2023 Trek 2 State Membership fees are $102.50 for returning members, or $167.50 for new members.

Can I use my Active Kids Voucher this year?

Scouts NSW is a registered Active Kids provider! You can redeem an eligible voucher at the beginning of each Trek during the online registration process to offset the cost of the State Membership fee above.