22. Morse Code Convo

Type of Challenge:

This is a Patrol Challenge. Each member of the patrol must contribute three Morse code messages.

Resources Required:

  • Patrol members
  • Video recording device
  • Pen and Paper or document software (e.g., Microsoft Word)
  • This sheet to refer to the Morse code cipher

Challenge Description:

Ever wanted to learn Morse Code? Morse code is very useful in sending messages to your friends or sending for help if ever needed. In your patrol, you’re going to have a back-and-forth conversation with each other by sending or showing each other a Morse code to crack.

You’ll first need to pick a ‘topic’ for your conversation (e.g., “How great is camping?” could be your topic).

You can decide as a patrol how you’ll actually communicate the code (e.g., it might be by making beeping sounds with your voices over a video call or email a document to each other).

Then, have a brief conversation using Morse Code. Each participant in the patrol must say at least three things.

Morse code alphabet and numbers:

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit the video of your patrol deciphering each other’s Morse code messages OR submit a word document with photos of the Morse code messages sent to each other after you have deciphered each message.

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