26. Drama Workshop with Cumberland Gang Show

Type of Challenge:

This challenge is to be completed as a Patrol. Each member of the patrol is to attend one of the set online Zoom workshop sessions.

Resources Required:

  • Device to connect to Zoom workshop
  • Zoom workshop link – timetable with zoom links to be provided
  • Video recording device
  • Camera device

Challenge Description:

Your team are to each attend one of the online Drama workshop Zoom sessions. Take a photo or film of each Patrol member participating in the workshop. You could then create a skit to perform together and record over a Zoom meeting with the skills you learnt from the workshop.

Cumberland Gang Show's Self Expression Workshop:

The zoom link to join:


Meeting ID: 693 1760 0941

Passcode: 807052

Please Note: Each session runs for 20 - 30 minutes. Bonus Creative Activity included for extra points.

Sat 30th October

9.15am / 10.00am / 10.40am / 1.15pm / 2.00pm / 2.40pm

Sun 31st October

9.15am / 10.00am / 10.40am

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit a photo or video of each Patrol member participating in the online zoom workshop. Additionally, you could upload the video of the skit you create as a patrol with the skills learnt from the workshop.

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