33. Zoom Chess

Type of Challenge:

This challenge is to be completed between two Patrol members, or all members can pair up and participate in the challenge.

Resources Required:

  • Device to connect to Zoom (or similar video meeting platform) workshop
  • Chess board or Online Chess game

Challenge Description:

Chess has had a resurgence in popularity due to a recent Netflix series. Your challenge is to team up with one other Patrol member and play a game of Chess over a meeting. Other members of the patrol can join the online meeting to watch the game too! You can either play the game with your own Chess boards, moving the pieces with the coordinates (e.g. A4 to B4) or through an online game such as: https://www.chess.com/play Take a photo of you playing the game and tell us who won! Please note: if a youth member and adult member are versing each other, another adult must be present in the online meeting.

Evidence Submission:

To complete this challenge, you need to submit a photo of each Patrol member participating in the Zoom Chess game, whether this is only two people or the whole patrol.

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