Chief Encourages Scouts to Donate Blood

On his 500th donation, Chief Commissioner Neville Tomkins OAM JP encouraged Rover Scouts, Leaders and Supporters to roll up their sleeves and donate blood or plasma.

“It is a vitally important service,” Neville said. “One in three Australians need a blood transfusion at some stage in their lives, yet only one in thirty Australians donate.”

“I encourage our Rover Scouts and our young Leaders, in particular, to start donating if you are able to do so, and to become a regular donor.”

“It requires only a small commitment of time yet can be life saving for those in our local community.”

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood uses plasma in 18 different ways to treat those struggling with serious and life-threatening medical conditions.

Neville Tomkins donating blood

(Photo is courtesy of the Australian Red Cross)

Commenting on his 500th donation, Neville felt it was his moral obligation, as a Scout, to help those in need. “Helping other people is a core part of our Scout Promise and Law,” he said.

Neville has donated blood and plasma in Canberra and NSW regularly for the past 46 years.  “I planned to retire at my 200th donation, but I heard from a young girl, the same age as my daughter, suffering from a debilitating condition that is treated with blood transfusions,” Neville said. “That was the turning point for me. I realised how critical our regular donations are to help others in desperate need.”

It was particularly special for Neville that his daughter (Katy) and son (Matt) donated alongside him, to commemorate his 500th donation.  Neville’s second daughter (Sarah) and her husband are also regular donors.

Neville was a driving force behind the current Scouts NSW, and now national, Rover Blood Challenge. In heartily congratulating all who have participated, Neville shared his pride in the commitment of Scouts NSW Rovers to date.

“Our Rover Scouts have so much to offer our community, especially those in need.  I hope many more Rovers can participate in this very worthy Challenge. I also encourage more Leaders and Supporters to donate if they can,” Neville concluded.