Completing our Program Transition: Achievement Pathways and our Peak Awards

We have almost completed our transition to the new Youth Program, with our last ever new Youth Program upskill session taking place on 13-14 March.

It has been three years since we upskilled our Pioneers and it has been an exciting journey toward our bright future!

Regardless of what stage of your transition your Group is up to, it’s important to remember the Peak Award timelines explained as part of your upskill training.

We recognise that some of our youth members would have been a significant way through an old Program peak award when your Group began its transition. This is why we gave these Scouts twelve months from the date of their upskill to complete an old Program Peak Award. If your Group upskilled more than twelve months ago, all of your youth members should now be engaging in the Achievement Pathways – old Program Peak Awards will not be processed for these Scouts.

To ensure that we can prepare for our final formal old Program Peak Award presentations in early 2022, if your Group upskills onto our Program at any point in 2021, your youth members will have until 31 December 2021 to complete any old Program peak awards. No old Program Peak Awards will be processed from 1 January 2022.

If your Scouts have completed an old Program Peak Award, encourage them to participate in our Peak Award initiative so that they can continue to celebrate these achievements for the rest of their Scouting journey!

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