International Women’s Day: Carinya

Name: Carinya 

Role/Position in Scouts: Rover and Assistant Scout Leader

How did you get involved in Scouting?

I got involved in Scouting after a school friend did a show and tell in class about his latest adventures with his local Cub Unit. The following week I went along to his Cub Unit and had an absolute blast! I have never looked back since!

What is your favourite thing about Scouting?

My favourite thing about Scouting is the fantastic friends that I have made and the awesome experiences I share with them!

What do kids learn from Scouts that is hard to learn elsewhere?

Kids develop a ‘can do’ mentality in Scouts which opens themselves up to new opportunities and challenges.

How does Scouting uplift and empower women and girls?

Scouting uplifts women and girls by providing them with opportunities that excel and build upon their self-confidence, life skills and leadership skills.

What does the International day of Women and Girls mean to you?

International Women’s Day recognises the exceptional achievements of women and girls in all fields and is a reminder that women from any background can accomplish great things.

Carinya White is a Rover Scout and Assistant Scout Leader. She is also chair of the State Youth Council and achieved her Queen’s Scout Award in 2019.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Scouts NSW is bringing you several profiles of inspirational and empowering women and girls in the Scouting movement. Keep an eye out on our socials for more.