International Women’s Day: Emma

Name: Emma

Role/Position in Scouts: Assistant Patrol Leader

How did you get involved in Scouting?
I love camping, adventures and meeting new friends. I am a real outdoor type of girl, so I decided to get involved in Scouting straight after my 6th birthday. I participate in all activities Scouts organised.

What is your favourite thing about Scouting?
Scouting is an amazing program for kids like me. My favourite thing about Scouting is going on camps because I learn about wildlife and get to spend time with my friends. I also like doing community service because I enjoy helping others.

What do kids learn from Scouts that is hard to learn elsewhere?
Scouts teach kids a wide range of skills, like connecting with the outdoors, understanding nature, building new and existing friendships and learning new skills. For example, at Scouts, I learnt camping and bushcraft skills. These are definitely skills you can’t learn elsewhere.

How does Scouting uplift and empower women and girls?
Scouting definitely empowers and uplifts young girls like me. Girl power is fostered through discoveries, friendships and fun. All these experiences help us learn and grow to become strong and independent people. In Scouts, girls are also encouraged to attend the leadership courses and become leaders.

What does the International day of Women and Girls mean to you?
It is the day we celebrate the success and achievements of females everywhere. It is the day to remind the world that women are brave, clever and can do anything. Most of all, it is all about equality and improving women’s and girls’ rights.

Emma is currently a Cub Scout in New South Wales. Apart from being a terrific member of her group and 2020 Cub Scout of the year, Emma used her own pocket money and busked to raise $1,600 for the RFS and the Koala Hospital after the 2019 summer bushfires.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Scouts NSW is bringing you several profiles of inspirational and empowering women in the Scouting movement, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram throughout the week for more.