Safe Participant Qualification

  • The starting qualification for all Adventurous Activities is Safe Participant. As a Safe Participant, an adult helper, Leader, Rover Scout, or Venturer Scout has the competence to attend an activity safely. A Safe Participant can’t typically run an activity.
  • There are three steps to achieving a Safe Participant qualification.

Step 1 – Obtain the Right Folio (workbook)

Folios (which we used to call workbooks) provide you with one way of demonstrating you have the knowledge and capability to become qualified in a specific area. The Folio is broken into three parts:

    1. Part 1 – Pre-Pathway Evidence – details the online training and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge.
    2. Part 2 – On-Pathway Evidence – details what you need to demonstrate to a Guide whilst participating in an activity.
    3. Part 3 – Post-Pathway Evidence – provides a place to review your activity and guide how to log a specific number of activities.

You can access all the workbooks at this location. Note that not all Folios are ready right now. Check with your Regional Commissioner Activities if you can’t find the Folio you need.

Step 2 – Find a Course or Activity

The next thing you need to do is find courses or activities either in your Group or by checking the Find an Activity page. Take your Logbook and complete Folio (workbook). Consult the Guide or Leader on the activity with the qualifications you seek, asking them to check your knowledge and skills. If they think you have the knowledge and skills, they will sign your Folio. If you have to work on points, that’s ok. Find another course or activity and repeat. Once you have logged several activities (usually three), you are ready for the next step.

Step 3 – Request Qualification

Use this Qualification Request Form to request qualification. You’ll need to submit your Logbook, Folio, and other evidence. Check out the Logbook Support Guide. The Form will be routed to an approver, and you may be asked for more information. Once approved, you will receive an email with a qualification certificate you can print, and your qualification will be recorded in Scoutlink.