What fundraising do you suggest?

There are two types of fundraising – personal saving toward the Jamboree, and shared fundraising by your Scout Group.

Scouts can save toward the Jamboree by banking any loose coins, putting aside some pocket money each week, asking for a Jamboree contribution as a birthday or Christmas present, doing odd jobs for extended family and close neighbours (car washing, lawn mowing, baby sitting), selling home-grown vegetables or baked goods or jam or other items, raising a calf or lamb for market, and by supporting your Scout Group’s fundraising.

Earning your way is an important part of the Jamboree experience, and a great lesson for later life.

Scout Groups tend to put on a few bigger events and share this equally with all participating Jamboree Scouts.

Typical ideas include Bunnings sausage sizzles, a raffle, a well-planned trivia night with extra cash games, a garage sale, or community clean-ups or car park duty.

Too many events are hard. Better to plan a few bigger ones.

It’s important to fundraise from people outside your own Group – not work hard to recycle your own money.