What is the process for online Y1?

The process for the online Youth Membership Application Form (Y1), as at 14 October 2019, is detailed below:

Step 1: The Youth Member applicant’s parent or primary carer completes the online Y1 form and the details are automatically entered into ScoutLink. The parents receive an email welcoming them to Scouts.

Step 2: The Region Office Manager (ROM) and Group Leader (GL) or Leader in Charge (LIC) receive an email advising an application is waiting to be approved in ScoutLink by the GL/LIC.

Step 3 (action required from GL/LIC): The GL/LIC approves the application in ScoutLink, confirming the applicant is now a provisional (trial) member. This allocates the applicant a Scout membership number and generates an email to the parent/carer, which includes their membership number. The parent/carer will also receive a separate email inviting them to create an Operoo account for the youth applicant.

Step 4: The applicant, ROM, and GL/LIC receive an email confirming that the applicant is now in provisional (trial) status, including the applicant’s Scout number. This email reminds the GL/LIC that, when the applicant’s trial period ends, which is dependent on the specific Group’s practice regarding length of trial periods, they should go into ScoutLink and endorse the applicant as a full member.

Step 5: The applicant can now fully participate in all Scout activities as part of their trial period. This period may be as short as one week or as long as a maximum of six weeks, depending on your group’s needs.

Step 6 (action required from GL/LIC): When the applicant has completed their provisional (trial) period, the GL/LIC endorses their application in ScoutLink, at which point the applicant becomes a full member and the Group will be billed according to existing policies.