Wrap Up on Masterclass: Your Journey to Office 365 Success Webinar Series

Scouts NSW recently concluded the Tech Talk Masterclass Series for the Strategic Project Initiative rolling out Office 365. This Masterclass was devised as part of the adoption of Office 365, which saw the rollout of the application into Scout Groups across NSW. The subjects covered in each of the webinars are shown in the image above.

Project Background - In 2019, Scouts NSW began the rollout of Office 365 to all Adult Members, giving us a secure and central way of communicating with and supporting our members to access Scouting from anywhere, on any device.

This rollout included the issuing of a Scouts NSW email address to all Adult Members, as well as free access to a suite of Office 365 online tools and applications to support the day-to-day business and operations of Scouting. In order to derive success from the rollout Scouts NSW needed to run an adoption program. This webinar series proved to be the optimum way to deliver the required training for the technical strategic projects - Office 365 and SharePoint for Groups.

Key Points - The Tech Talk webinar series was devised by the strategic project team and featured 5 live webinars. The topics promoted the activation of new Scouts domain emails, and the adoption of Office 365 applications for Scout Meetings using the Teams Platform, the Virtual Scout Halls (VSH), and SharePoint - The Leader and Committee Hubs (LCH). This series was promoted to all Adult Members of Scouts NSW using social media and news bulletins. As a result, we saw the O365 adoption rate go from 34% to 52%.

The feedback was extremely positive overall and is summarised in the attached report. The report shows the success of the webinar series. Overall 94% of attendees rated the content Good, Very Good, or Excellent. 75% of attendees rated their understanding of the Vision and Purpose of Office 365 for Scouts NSW as Good, Very Good, or Excellent.

Over the 5 webinars, we had 698 registered members attend the webinars live and also access the recordings afterward on our YouTube Channel  - accessed through the Office 365 Project webpage.

The feedback received about the presenters, the subject matter, and questions and answers were extremely positive. So much so, the attendees would like to see the Tech Talk Webinars continue and for more topics to be presented in the future. If you have any suggestions for topics that can be covered in future webinars please email the team at [email protected].

Digital Badge - To add further recognition of the Tech Talk Webinars, and to inspire the adoption even more Scouts NSW has created a Digital Badge that all registered attendees will be able to apply for and can display on their email signature. This badge is available for people who have registered and attended/viewed all 5 webinars, to demonstrate their knowledge of the NSW Scouts Office 365 platform. See the example below.

If you attended the webinars and would like to receive this badge, you can apply for your copy by emailing [email protected].

One of the key success factors of this webinar series was the collaboration between the Volunteer Members – David Jacobs (NSW Assistant Chief Commissioner –Educational Purpose), Louis Todd (Joey Leader H&C NSW), and Paul Gibson (Region Commissioner PR & Communications - Hume Region) and the State Office Project Team - Emma Voss (Project Manager), Jared Hale (IT Support), Patria Manalili (Marketing and Communications Manager),  Rosalie Batistoni (Head of Marketing and Communications) and Melissa Wick (PMO Manager).