A Update on Integrated Online Forms

Integrated Online forms went live from the 14 October and have had great success to date. We have received just over 669 Y1’s, 144 A2’s and 30 A1 forms submitted through the new integrated online process.

This integrated online forms process ensures a seamless end to end experience for users.

Over time it will:

  • reduce the amount of work required to enter this information into Scoutlink;
  • reduce the possibility of data entry errors when manually keying information into Scoutlink

Next steps?
Paper-based version of the forms are still available for now, but will be withdrawn from January 2020. We recommend you begin using the online versions of Y1, A1 & A2 as soon as possible. Paper-based forms will continue to be accepted and processed until 1 February 2020. After this time, all applications will need to be completed using the integrated online forms process.

In some exceptionally rare circumstances, an applicant may need to access a paper-based Y1, A1 or A2 form after this date. In such cases, permission will be required from your Region Commissioner and the paper form will be supplied and processed by the Region Office Manager.


All resources to help you to process forms online, including FAQ’s, Quick guides and Manuals can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the project team at the following email address [email protected] or Member Services at [email protected] .

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