Phil Crutchley recognised for outstanding service with Silver Kangaroo

Phil Crutchley has been recognised for his exceptional service to Scouting by receiving a Silver Kangaroo Award.

Phil has given outstanding service for three decades to Scouts Australia NSW. He makes an enormously valuable contribution to the well-being and growth of the Scout Association in Australia.

Recognised as a mentor to other adults in Scouting, he is known as the sage, even-handed counsellor for everyone in the NSW Branch, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for the organisation. His care and diligence in offering wise advice is highly sought after and deeply acknowledged.

Phil admitted that news of the award took time to sink in, and explained why he does what he does for Scouts.

He said: “It came as a surprise I must say, it took a day or two to sink in! This has come out of the blue but I am so delighted to be recognised by my peers like this.

“I put the hours in because I believe in the principles of Scouts, I believe in the product. I always say the moment you stop enjoying it is the time to get out, but I’m lucky enough to really enjoy what I do.

“I got so much from Scouts in terms of personal development and opportunities, so I guess you could say it’s a bit of payback of sorts.”

Phil is progressive in his thinking, and believes strongly in pro-youth involvement to ensure adults are strongly connected to the purpose of Scouts.

Having dedicated much of his life to Scouting, Phil believes the organisation is as important as ever and sees a bright future for Scouts.

He added: “Just thinking of what it does for people, it’s incredible. I’m still friends with my Cub leader all these years later, just an example of how you can make friends for life.

“For me now it’s about delivering what we learned as youth members to the youth of today. The impact Scouts has on the community is the same as it always was. We’re providing kids with skills for life and the community recognises that.

“Scouts will continue to play a major role in our communities for years to come.”

Massive congratulations to Phil from all at Scouts NSW!

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