Redesigning our Uniform Layout for Youth Members

Note the proposed layout is subject to final endorsement of the National Executive Committee, for inclusion in the National Policy and Rules (P&R).

After almost a year of brainstorming, workshopping and consulting with adult leaders and youth members of all ages, the National Operations Committee of Scouts Australia has approved a new uniform layout for our youth members, based on the needs of our Youth Program and our members.

Feedback received through consultation indicated a lack of visual appeal and logic in the previous layout of badges on the youth member uniform. For some members, the previous layout did not warrant enough space for all badges to be displayed.

The One Program, One Journey approach required us to re-imagine the uniform layout to best represent and celebrate the individual achievements, journey and story of each youth member in a way that is consistent across our five age sections.

What’s new?

The new uniform badge placement will be separated into three themed panels, each providing a different insight into the personal progression of a youth member:

  • My Identity (right sleeve) – recognises where you are currently undertaking your Scouting journey and reflects which sections you have engaged with along the way. There is also space to recognise any additional awards you have earned, including WOSM’s Better World Framework awards.
  • My Journey (left sleeve) – celebrates and recognises your growth across the Achievement Pathways. Here we will see the Special Interest Area projects you have completed in your current section, as well as your journey to progress through the Outdoor Adventure Skills and complete peak awards across your time in Scouting.
  • My Involvement (chest and scarf) – recognises your active involvement in the Youth Program, including your Milestones from the Program Essentials, major events, Patrol identification and your formal leadership roles. Finally, we still represent your involvement in this global movement with the World Scout Badge and the Australian Flag Badge placed proudly over your heart.

Click here to view the new uniform layout.

When does the change come into effect?

New members and those who have come up from the previous section should use the new layout. However, for Scouts who are already using the previous uniform layout, we don’t expect the switch to be made immediately! Like all changes that we launch in Scouting, there is an extensive change-over period that will apply to the new youth member uniform layout. The National Operations Committee has set a three-year change-over period for this uniform layout. This means that we expect every youth member in Australia to be using this layout by July 2023.

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