Safety alert for Ropes Activities with dual lanyard safety system

A non-Scouting incident involving a high-ropes course in Queensland was recently reported in the media, prompting a review of hazards associated with high-ropes in NSW. Industry bodies including Outdoors NSW have asked operators to temporarily close continuous high ropes courses that employ a static self-belay system.

As a result, the high ropes courses at Cataract Activity Centre and Baden Powell Activity Centre have been temporarily closed, pending the purchase and installation of some new equipment. The modifications are in line with the advice provided by Outdoors NSW.

Scouts NSW acknowledges that this closure will disappoint some members, however the safety of its participants is paramount and so is the reputation of the Association. Activity staff members are working to have the courses up and running as soon as possible.

Leaders of vertical activities (such as caving and flying fox) should also take note of the advice provided by Outdoors NSW regarding the self-belay dual lanyard safety system. Scouts NSW reminds Activity Leaders to review their risk assessment prior to making any changes in order to identify what new hazards might be introduced.

For further assistance on this matter, please contact Marion Fisher, ACC (State Activities Fellowships and Bases) on 0410 534 409, Wal Waerner (DCC Activities, Training and Fellowships) on 0420 960 548 or Parrish Hull (ACC Adventurous Activities, Training and VET) on 0407 208 034.

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