Scout Invasion Tasmania!

Come and experience Tasmania in a thrilling and adrenaline pumping competition designed to test your scouting and survival skills whilst you try and avoid the hunting team seeking to slow you down from being the fastest to traverse the Cygnet River Forrest Reserve.

What is Scout Invasion?

Scout Invasion is a unique and competitive activity for Venturer aged participants and will be held from 3rd – 5th June 2022. Teams will navigate their way through one of Tasmania’s forested and beautiful regions, whilst trying to avoid the team of hunters seeking to catch and slow them down. Teams will start from a designated and known location, then having to prove their scouting and survival skills to reach their final destination over 2 days.

Hunters will be looking to catch as many teams as possible and every time a team is caught, 30 minutes will be added to their time at the end of the event. The winning team will be the team with the shortest time upon completion of the event. Teams will cover a minimum distance of 20 km’s in varying landscapes and will spend at least 2 night outdoors.

A cost of $5 per person does apply and will need to be paid via direct deposit before the event.


The event will be taking place in and around the area of Cygnet River Forrest Reserve. Teams are to meet at McKays Road near Royal George on Friday night where participating teams will begin their weekend once they have checked in. Once all teams are organised and ready, they will have 1 hour to make their way to their chosen overnight location. The Hunting team will leave the starting location on Saturday morning at 8am.

Pick up will also be on McKays Road on Sunday at 3pm but at the opposite end of the road near Lake Leake. Copies of the map will be given to the teams at opening parade with places of significance and checkpoints marked on them.

*Exact drop off and pick up locations will be provided via email closer to the event.*

Register & Contact:

To register your team or if you have any questions, queries or concerns, please email (details below) with team name and member names. Registration costs are $5 per person.

Registration and Enquiries: