Technology Projects: Integrated On-line forms

This is a brief overview of the Strategic Plan’s Technology projects that will be implemented over the next 3 months and highlight the first to be rolled out.

These Technology Initiative Projects form an important part of the Strategic Plan in the area of Member Experience.  They will help us fulfil Scouts NSW’s obligations and accountabilities regarding information as well as data privacy and security.

The Technology Initiative Projects:

  1. Fully integrated Online Forms (Y1, A1, A2, and YA1) into ScoutLink.
  2. Office 365 – Phase 1 – Rollout of Scouts NSW email addresses for all Scouts NSW adult members and Phase 2 – Collaboration Tools to support the work of Scouts at all levels of the organisation.
  3. The on-going Implementation of an organisation wide Information and Data Privacy and Notifiable Data Breach solution.
  4. Property Program – A new Property Management Information System replacing MIS
  5. WHS– A new (cloud based) incident reporting system to support the management of WHS, Child Protection and Behavioural Management matters

Fully Integrated Online Forms (Y1, A1, A2, and YA1) into ScoutLink:

Today, we would like to advise you about the launch of Integrated Online Forms.  The Y1, YA1, A1, and A2 have been available on the Scouts NSW website as online forms since May 2019 providing a simple way for families to fill in their details for membership with Scouts NSW.  While this has been working well, it still had limitations.  The key one being that the data entered through the form on the website still required manual data entry into ScoutLink. This project addresses this limitation.

When a prospective member completes the on-line form, the data will automatically flow into ScoutLink. Group Leaders will have the opportunity to approve and endorse the prospective youth member directly in ScoutLink helping them complete their journey from a provisional (trial) member to a fully endorsed member.

Not only will this reduce the manual data entry process, it offers Groups, Regions and Scouts NSW the opportunity to better manage its membership.

The IT Projects Team is in the User testing stage of this project and are we are on target to “Go Live” with the Y1 form on 14 October 2019.   The remaining forms will then be introduced in a sequence over the following weeks.

We will communicate with Groups this week to advise them of the launch of the integration of on-line forms into ScoutLink and next week the IT Project team will share more detailed information to support them in the new on-line forms process.

If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact Project Manager, Emma Voss at [email protected]

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