The Great SCOUTdoors

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Welcome to the Great SCOUTdoors!

'The Great SCOUTdoors' is a Scouts NSW State-wide online Patrol based event full of challenges for Scouts of all ages including Leaders and Supporters.

Activity Overview:
‘The Great SCOUTdoors’ is a HUGE NSW State-wide online event open to Scouts of all ages, from Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts, as well as being open to all adults in Scouting including Leaders, Fellowship members and supporters, held throughout the weekend of Friday 29 October to Sunday 31 October 2021

Congratulations to our Winners


1st place - 1st/2nd Merrylands patrol from GWS Region! 

2nd place - Grovers patrol from H&C 

3rd place - Wizard Lizards patrol from GWS Region 


H&C - Grovers 

RIV - Hood Kids 

HUME - The Equalizers 

SC&T - Quokkas 

SM - The Younglings 

GWS - 1st/2nd Merrylands 

SNR - West Pennant Hills Red Dogs 

TGW -Doyles  

NC - Tartan Patrol 

NW/Lones - NSW Lones 

Outside of NSW Scouts in first place we have The Quolls from Tasmania. 

We have some amazing challenges for you to complete over the weekend that cover the areas of Creative, Outdoor, Community and Personal Growth. Use the filters below to explore the challenges and create your own adventure.