The John & Marie Hill World Jamboree Trust Fund

Are you a Scout or Venturer who wants to participate in World Jamborees? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

If you are up for the adventure but face challenges being able to participate due to financial constraints, there is a Fund that you can apply for to help make your dream come true – the John and Marie Hill World Jamboree Trust Fund.


Who was John Hill?

William Charles John Hill joined 3rd Glebe Troop in 1926 and later became a Patrol Leader. As an only child he recognised the value of the brotherhood of Scouting. The Post-Jamboree tours of England and host family hospitality taught John skills that helped him throughout his entire life.

Mindful of his own life-changing experiences by attending a World Jamboree, John set up The John & Marie Hill World Jamboree Trust Fund in 2002 to help send his fellow Scouts and Venturers to every World Jamboree.

John Hill Historical photograph of John Hill

If you want to follow in John Hill’s footsteps and experience an adventure that will change your life forever, click here to see how you can apply and to check your eligibility.