Activity Pack

Compiled by the State Youth Program Sustainability Team, this Activity Pack highlights some of the things you can do in the Special Interest Areas and Outdoor Adventure Skills spaces to help you keep connected through Scouting.

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, to try something new or to work on an existing interest, this is the space for you. Click through and dive into our Activity Pack!

Special Interest Areas

Loving an activity suggested here? Why not turn it into a Special Interest Area project.

Remember you need to Plan>Do>Review>

Goal Setting and Planning Resources are available here under the Special Interest Areas tab.


Bicarb Science Experiments

If you want to build a canister rocket, click here. If you want to build a bicarbonate volcano, click here.  ...
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How to make SLIME!

How to Make Slime

Slime is super exciting to make but also demonstrates some crazy science. Why not try to make this gooey wonder? ...
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newspapers stacked

Newspaper Pots

To watch the video click here. Gardeners grow a lot of plants, and that usually means lots of plastic pots! ...
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virtual museum

Virtual Museum Tours

Museums from around the world are accessible with just a push of a button. Explore the treasures of these museums: ...
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Kids magnifying a butterfly

Citizen Science Projects

Here are some fantastic science projects to get you looking at the world a little different and expand your knowledge! ...
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