Two Awesome Reasons to use your Active Kids vouchers with Scouts

The second Active Kids voucher is available from 1 July, just in time for the return of face-to-face Scouting!

In anticipation for the voucher two release, here are two great reasons why you should use your child(ren)’s Active Kids vouchers with Scouts.

Scouting builds resilience. According to a recent survey by Resilient Youth Australia, young people who attend Scouts report to have an overall better life satisfaction than their peers, and the longer they stay in Scouts the more resilient they are likely to become. In Scouts, young people learn by doing. They are empowered to take the lead and are given a safe space where they can work with others to plan and embark their own adventures. Using the Active Kids voucher with Scouts opens young people to a world of opportunities where they can have fun and develop their personal resilience - at their own pace.

Scouting makes you healthier – physically and mentally. The same survey found that young people who participate in Scouts report they have a healthy body - 11.6% more than non-Scouts. Scouts also report to have a healthier mental state than non-Scouts by 13%. Scouting is well-known for a variety of activities that get young people active and outdoors, including abseiling, hiking and kayaking. However, what is unique about Scouting is the positive impact it has on mental health by helping combat social isolation and support building social skills.

Get your kids involved in an active, youth led organisation by claiming their Active Kids vouchers and using them with Scouts from 1 July.

It’s as simple as:

Some sports and other activities were cancelled due to COVID, but Scouting continued.

So get ready to get active with Scouts for the second half of 2020.

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