Adult Supporters

Gus Lloyd

This HSC member will represent volunteer supporters and advisers, who in general are non-uniform.

Current role within Scouts:
Honorary Treasurer 2nd Armidale Scout Group

Will use the following approach:
Participating in meetings and exercises as an active listener taking on board as much information as possible to assist with making a well thought out response and action that is indicative of informed and positive outcomes for all parties concerned. My available time as a disabled pensioner is far greater than when I worked and offers more access to those who need my assistance.

Interested in representing the workgroup on health and safety matters because:
I have a strong 25 year background in both uniform and support work within the organisation starting at Group level and progressing to an eventual National appointment. I now have time to commit more fully to Scouts and see that my current work as an administrator for the diversity and inclusion as well as the culture workgroups within Scouts NSW will be of value as an input source as well.

I have had first hand experience in health and safety through:
Working as an employee as well as my own company presenting and authorised by Work Cover NSW regarding workplace induction, workers compensation, OHS Committee training for approximately 35 years in Australia but primarily NSW. I was also a member of the quality society of Australia and NZ as an OHS Lead Auditor. I alternatively was a consultant on both OHS/WHS matters as well as Environment issues. I hold fully recognisable qualifications in OHS, Business Management, Training. I believe I am a suitable candidate that can bring on board a wealth of experience.

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