Are we able to advertise on social media that we are selling raffle tickets?

Yes, of course! Social media is a great way to drum up ticket sales, particularly at a time when we are unable to run our regular Bunnings BBQs and other face-to-face fundraising activities.

Posting on your local Group Facebook page is a great way to elicit support from families and encourage them to help sell tickets. You can also post on local community noticeboards to give members of your community the opportunity to support their local Scouts.

We’ve prepared some social media graphics which you can view and download to use in your social media posts by clicking the images below.


Here are some suggested captions to go with these posts:

  • We’re raising funds to get our Scouts from XX Scout Group to the 26th Australian Jamboree in Victoria. Please help by buying raffle tickets for $2 each. There are more than 100 prizes up for grabs – including a car. PM for details.
  • Would you like to win a new car? XX Scout Group is selling raffle tickets for our 2020 Monster Raffle! PM us about buying a raffle ticket for just $2.
  • XX Scouts are currently Scouting@Home and itching to get back to regular Scouting and outdoor adventures as soon as we can. Help support our local program of learning skills for life by purchasing raffle tickets for $2 each. You’ll go into the draw to win over 100 prizes, including a new car! PM us for details.
  • Support XX Scout Group to continue our Scouting adventure by buying a raffle ticket for our Monster Raffle! PM us to find out more.

On Facebook you may consider trying paid promotions to reach a new and defined audience. Zone in on people who are like-minded, share similar interests, would value your prize, are in your geographical area and your preferred demographic.

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