If my Group completes an application to upskill and start our journey onto the New Youth Program, are we automatically accepted?


The Groups who are being upskilled in Term 1, 2019 have been chosen from our initial Pioneer applications in order to ensure coverage of the Program across all Regions in NSW before we begin our clustered roll-out from Term 2, 2019 through December 2021.

From here, Groups will be selected in geographical clusters of 3 to 5 Groups. Groups will complete the New Youth Program Readiness Checklist and submit an Application via the NSW Website. We will then review the applications, in consultation with the Region Team, before selecting the next clusters which we will travel to and deliver their upskill training.

We will endeavour to keep Groups updated about the status of their application and clustering. We will also contact Groups who have applied, but are not quite ready to transition, to assist in directing them in how they should go about continuing to prepare to transition.

A solid grounding for your preparation is focusing on “The Adventure Begins” package which was developed for 2018 and working towards all Section Councils completing The Adventure Begins Checklist.

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