What can my Scout Group do to ensure we are best prepared for the raffle?

Planning is key! We encourage Scout Groups to plan ahead by thinking and talking about their raffle ticket campaign. Some key points to consider include:

  • How and when do ticket sales fit into your calendar?
  • How many books would you like to order?
  • How you will distribute the books out to each family to sell?
  • Find out what community events are being held and enquire about how you can sell raffle tickets at the event i.e. market days, community festivals, school fetes, etc.
  • Organise an incentive prize for your Scout Group to reward the top selling member.
  • Distribute raffle tickets to all families. Explain what the money raised will go towards.
  • A set of raffle posters will be in your ticket order package. Ask local businesses to display the raffle poster in their windows, enlist their support and get them to sell tickets for your Scout Group at their counters.
  • Approach your local media outlets and seek their support – tell them why you need to raise funds, list your fundraising event in their community events section in print and online media.
  • Have a raffle book with you at all times. Never miss an opportunity to give people a chance to win one of the prizes and don’t forget to sell them at social gatherings!
  • Design and print a customised poster telling people why they should support their local Scout Group and buy a ticket. What is the focus of your fundraising this year?
  • Talk to your local shopping centre or supermarket to see if you can set up a ticket selling booth.

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