What comes after YOU?

After enjoying a weekend at YOU+LEAD, if you want to further develop your leadership skills, why not apply for the National LEAD program! Once you have participated in the YOU Course, you can apply to spend a week with Scouts, Venturers and Rovers from around Australia, learning and developing your leadership skills in your own or another state! After the LEAD course, you will get the chance to become an alumni member and gain even more opportunities for leadership in your community, state and nationally. You could even choose to help us facilitators run the next YOU+LEAD course.

If you aren’t keen on further leadership training or experience, no worries! The skills you learn in a YOU course are for both scouts AND life, helping you work with any team, whether you are a leader or a team member. You have also now gained friends and fellow scouts around NSW who would love to hear about what you do in your hometown.

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