What is the process for the online A1 form?

The process for the online Adult Member application form (A1), as at 21 October 2019, is detailed below:

Step 1: The adult helper fills in the online A1 form and the details are automatically entered into ScoutLink.

Step 2: The Region Office Manager (ROM), Region Commissioner (RC), and Group Leader (GL) or Leader in Charge (LIC) receive an email advising an application is waiting to be endorsed in ScoutLink by the GL/LIC.

Step 3 (action required from GL/LIC): The GL/LIC must log into ScoutLink to endorse the application. Before endorsing the application, the GL/LIC must conduct reference checks using the details provided by the applicant, along with an introductory interview.

Step 4: (action required from RC): The RC receives an email advising there is an endorsed application in ScoutLink that is awaiting their approval. The RC must then log into ScoutLink and approve or reject the application endorsement.

Step 5: (action required from ROM): The ROM will receive an email confirming that the endorsement has been approved, and will then need to log into ScoutLink and validate the applicant’s Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Step 6: (action required from State Scout Service Centre): The State Scout Service Centre will receive an email advising that an application is awaiting a Police Check confirmation in ScoutLink. The State Scout Service Centre representative will then log into ScoutLink and validate the applicant’s Police Check. The member’s application can then be approved.

Note: If the ROM or State Office uncovers an issue with the WWCC or Police Check, they must advise the Child Protection Team, which will determine whether the application can proceed. In many cases, the application will be allowed to continue. If applicants are resigned, an email will be sent to the ROM and RC to advise them of this, and the application will not progress any further. In this case, the adult member applicant will not be allowed to participate in Scout activities.

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