What is the purpose of Operoo for Scouts NSW, and is the data secure?

At Scouts NSW, the health and safety of our members is something we take very seriously. The privacy and management of this data is critical to Scouts NSW, as it is to our members.


+ Provides Scouts NSW with the opportunity to introduce a standardised, secure and fully audited system to consistently capture and store health-related information.
+ Simplifies and standardises event/activity/excursion planning and permissions.
+ Reduces the risk of outdated or unavailable information in the case of emergency.
+ Allows Scout Groups to initiate, communicate, and manage events electronically by creating electronic permission forms.
+ Gives Scout Groups instant access to emergency information if it is required.

Operoo is designed with users’ privacy and data security as its highest priority. The tool gives parents total control over what information is shared and who can access that information, ensuring only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information such as health, medical and emergency contact details. This shared data is password, code and/or fingerprint protected, firewall protected and stored in an encrypted format to guarantee security at all times.

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