What is work?

Work is not defined in the WHS legislation so we use an every-day meaning of work. Work may be paid or unpaid and essentially can be seen as tasks that enable Scouts to operate, or work that someone would normally be paid for.

At Scouts Australia NSW, activities that are considered work include:

  • Employed Staff: all work performed by paid staff.
  • Maintenance and Working Bees: eg mowing lawns or managing or participating in a working bee to maintain a scout hall or camp.
  • Setting up the infrastructure for a major event eg supplying power, installing amenities.
  • Container Deposit Scheme: eg tasks associated with operating the Container Deposit Scheme.
  • Leader Training: eg training a new Scout leader in skills to lead a group of scouts in a range of recreational or social activities. Note this does not include simply training a leader how to run a sporting game with youths.
  • Gang Show – All aspects of Gang Show and Performance Arts
  • SAIT (trainers and trainees): Teaching, or being trained in, skills where the certification could be commercially exploited. This would include the trainees (i.e. first aid, certificate II, III, or IV’s).
  • Work done by a contractor or tradesperson eg plumbing repairs, alterations, setting up major events etc
  • Meetings associated with enabling Scouts to operate eg asset management, insurance committee meetings.

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