What do I do when I arrive at State Rally?

When you arrive at State Rally, the Patrol Leader will need to confirm the Patrol registrations at the check-in tables, and advise the registration Leaders of any last-minute changes.

When your Patrol registers at the check-in area, the Patrol Leader will be given wristbands for each member of the patrol, please ensure that each member is wearing their wristband. The Patrol Leader will also be provided a lanyard with a timetable printed on the back.

After you have been issued with your PL Information, you will be directed to your RAC where you will be allocated a camping area and asked to pitch your tent. As State Rally is a lightweight camp you may be randomly selected for a weigh-in with your pack to check you are not carrying too much gear.

There will be a BBQ available on Friday evening, however, it is recommended that all participants eat prior to arriving.

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