Who are my SYC representatives?

The State Youth Council is comprised of members from all sections and every region in NSW. Find your region’s representatives in the table below and get in touch with us!

Please CC Assistant Chief Commissioners (Youth), Jennifer Riley and Toby Chandiok on [email protected] within all email communications to our representatives.

RegionFirst NameLast NameEmail
Greater Western SydneyLachlanChen (Chairperson)[email protected]
South MetropolitanFrankJavadi (Vice-Chairperson)[email protected]
South MetropolitanGeraldSelvaraj (Vice-Chairperson)[email protected]
RiverinaEmmaJohnston (Secretary)[email protected]
South MetropolitanHeatherO’Mara (Secretary)Heather.O’[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyZoeSuthers[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyGraceKokay[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyAzriMortimer[email protected]
Greater Western SydneyTehyaHolmes[email protected]
South MetropolitanAxelTkatchew[email protected]
South MetropolitanCobaltWalsh[email protected]
South MetropolitanEllieDickinson[email protected]
South MetropolitanSarahAdkins[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalMeganGalettis[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalLiamHoare[email protected]
Hunter and CoastalLottieMorello[email protected]
Sydney NorthOliverPritchard[email protected]
Sydney NorthScottRomanis[email protected]
Sydney NorthOwenCameron[email protected]
South Coast & TablelandsChloeLynch[email protected]
North CoastEvelynGenge[email protected]
North CoastKateKojetin[email protected]
HumeLaurenChannon[email protected]
The Golden WestJessicaArnold[email protected]

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