My Scout Group already has its fundraising activities planned for 2020. Why should we participate?

A lot of the hard work has been done by Scouts Victoria. All you need to do is focus on distributing and selling the tickets, then collecting the ticket books and money back in. Scouts Victoria will take care of the rest of the raffle details, including all the great prizes on offer!

75% of funds raised by your Scout Group during the raffle goes directly back to your Group, i.e. $1.50 for every $2.00 ticket sold! The other 50c helps to cover some of the costs such as the tickets, barrel hire, promotions, raffle licence and so on.

The funds your Group raises can go towards:

  • Subsidising membership fees and camp costs
  • Major events including Jamborees, Ventures, Cuborees etc.
  • Hall maintenance and upgrades
  • Adventurous activities and new equipment

After all, every little bit counts!

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