Safety Policies, Procedures and Forms

WHS Policy

Scouts Australia (National) WHS Policy

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Cataract Activity Centre

PRO 34 CSP Abseiling Tower

PRO 39 CSP Flying Fox Tower

PRO 40 CSP High Ropes

PRO 45 CSP Natural Surface Abseil (Abseil B and Sandy)

PRO 46 CSP Rock Climbing (Natural)

PRO 47 CSP Sandy Overnight

PRO 51 CSP Orienteering

PRO 53 CSP Rock Climbing (Artificial)

PRO 54 CSP Pioneering

PRO 55 CSP Waterslide

PRO 56 CSP Team Rescue

PRO 57 CSP Caving

PRO 58 Giant Swing

PRO 59 CSP Archery

PRO 60 CSP Challenge Valley

PRO 88 CSP Camp Craft

Baden Powell Activity Centre

PRO 65 BPSC High Ropes

PRO 67 BPSC Crate Stack

PRO 71 BPSC Low Ropes

SOP – Mobile Rock Climbing Wall