Promotional Resources Available for your Scout Group

The Scouts NSW Marketing team has put together lots of free promotional and marketing resources for you and your Scout group to help boost awareness, grow your group, set up additional sections, and attract new youth members. We would just like to update you now on what is available and introduce our new Social Media resource to help you run engaging content on your social channels.


Promotional Events

Regular promotional activities help raise awareness of your group locally and shows the positive impact that Scouting has in our communities. We have a range of resources that you can use as templates and ideas for promotions.

To access these resources, please visit our webpage here.

Here you’ll find a variety of resources including official brand assets, promotional materials (tips and ideas, open days, social media, templates etc.), promotional pack order forms, promotion pack equipment forms, Kym the Mascot hire, and how to update your hall signage instructions.


New Social Media resources available

Social Media is an incredibly effective method for promoting your group, increasing local awareness, and can be utilised as an amazing way to engage with local communities. You can highlight what your group does, encourage new youth members, and reach out to the community about joining Scouts as a volunteer.

If your group has either a Facebook or Instagram page/group, here are some important tips for making the most use of it:

  • Make sure the pages are ‘On brand’ – refer to official Scouts branding here.
  • Keep all your Scout Group information up to date – address, meeting times, contact details etc.
  • Assign someone to manage posting, Messenger, and engaging with any comments (in particular, monitor Messenger as people use that to contact you and expect a quick response!).
  • Ensure regular posting, fresh content and enticing images are being used. See examples from 1st Glossodia Scouts – they utilise a social media template to ensure all their content looks engaging and interesting.
  • Once you have established a presence, you may also begin to post and engage with local community groups to help build awareness and numbers. We have a guide on that here.



Are you struggling to come up with content for social? Having a Facebook page with only occasional posts is worse than having no page at all! But it can be hard to come up with ideas of things to post.

We have created a pool of generic Scouts content that you can use. It covers lots of events and days across the months, and other Scouts items. Your Group can access this Trello board and copy images and content into your Facebook/Instagram posts. We will be continuously updating this content – so make sure to bookmark it. There are instructions on the left hand side on how to use it (you may need to set up a free Trello account initially to access it). You can view the calendar here.

To read a more in-depth guide to social media, click here. To access all social media resources, click here.

If you are looking for more ideas and help, just email the team at [email protected]