World Scout Scarf Day – Promoting Scouts!

World Scout Scarf Day is coming up on the 1st August and now is the time to start thinking about how you can promote your group!

World Scout Scarf Day is a day when ALL current and ex members of the association are encouraged to wear their scarf to school, work, dinners, shopping, etc. It is a day to show off your scarf and talk to people about Scouts.

And a great way to promote Scouts is through Schools!

School children can ask their principal and teachers if they can come in uniform (or just the scarf) and talk to the class or assembly about Scouts. They can even distribute promotional material to the class – click here to order a promo pack. Or click here for the Bring A Friend Night Program Pack.

It may even be a great idea for an activity – teaching your Scouts how to do a public speech and even and get them to role play the scenarios.

Click below to download great resources: