Scouts are cereal entertainers in new Kellogg’s TV ad

Have you spotted the three Scouts from Cammeray Scout Group featured on your TV screen this month?

They’re part of an advertisement made by Kellogg’s cereal, and the 60-second ad is appearing on TV, online, in social media and on packaging.

In its 95th year in Australia – not quite as old as the Scouts – Kellogg’s worked with a well-known advertising agency, JWT Sydney, to show how different Australians eat their cereal. The Scouts were filmed at Cammeray Scout Hall, and are featured alongside a bikie, crane driver, gymnastics team and a drag queen.

The cereal giants used a documentary-style campaign which features Australians discussing how they prefer to eat their breakie, revealing just how diverse people’s tastes can be.

The concept behind the ad was to find what unites and connects us, and to celebrate how different and diverse Australians are.

Did you know Kellogg’s has a long history of working with Scouts, both in its advertising and also through its social investment and funding?

In 1960, UK Scouts were featuring in Kellogg’s ads for Cornflakes.

One of the organisation’s subsidiary companies, Keebler, is the manufacturer of Girl Scout cookies in the US.

Kellogg’s was the first company in Australia to provide a percentage of its daily intake counter on the front of packs to help people move more, while every year nearly 30,000 tonnes of whole corn is milled for Kellogg’s, making it one of the largest users of Australian corn for food production.

Watch a snippet of the Scouts in action right here!

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