Creating a positive culture through recognition

Scouts Australia has a long tradition of acknowledging the contribution of adult volunteers, who are the backbone of our long-established and widely respected youth organisation.

Recognition is vital to fostering a positive, enabling culture. Every leader of adults knows the value of a sincere thank you, words of encouragement or a heartfelt compliment for a job well done.

The Association recognises adults who serve for long periods of time, awarding a cloth badge and a certificate for those who’ve offered five or more years of sterling service.

For some adults, whose contribution is recognised as outstanding, they may be successfully nominated for a national award, presented each year on World Scout Day (1st August).

Adult Recognition Awards

The Scout Adult Recognition Awards (ARA) process for 2019 is already well underway, with almost 350 nominations being reviewed and assessed in NSW, alongside those running in other States and Territories.

A Committee of six representatives reviews every single NSW nomination, overseen by Committee chairperson Claire Geary. Claire brings over twenty years of Scouting as a line leader, adviser, and now Board Director, and general management experience to the role. The current Committee includes three Honorary Commissioners, with long histories of the award process, a Regional Commissioner, a State Commissioner and a young person under 30.

Each submission is reviewed by two members of the Committee, with the top awards (Silver Emu, Silver Kangaroo, President’s Award) discussed in person to reach a unanimous outcome.

Harry Lantry, NSW Rovers Commissioner, who joined the Committee this year, said: “It’s a very thorough process. Everyone had initial training from Claire, who tested our knowledge and judgement, which helped make sure we all took the same approach. It was an interesting and – as I should have known – time-consuming experience!”

Another fresh face to the Committee, State Commissioner Anthea Cudworth, added: “The evaluation process was as rigorous as other Award panels I’ve experienced outside Scouts, with any conflicts carefully managed, and the eligibility of each nominee was very thoroughly checked. It’ so inspiring to read about the amazing people across our State who do so much for Scouts.”

If you missed the opportunity to recognise one of your colleagues for an ARA this year, look out for the application forms in November.

It’s a great way to acknowledge those adults who have become leaders in their community, going above and beyond their Scouting roles to create a lasting impression on the people they meet. If you’re inspired by an adult leader or supporter, and have seen first-hand the positivity they exude as a role model for NSW Scouts, it’s a great way to thank them for being an ambassador for Scouting.

You can see last year’s ARA recipients on the website here.

Other awards

If you know an adult in Scouting who acts as a role model in their local community, don’t forget to nominate them for local Council awards, Club awards or for NSW Volunteer of the year. And make sure you let your Region Office or the State Office know when they win!

Adults in Scouting can also be nominated for civil awards, such as the Order of Australia. Then there are the few exceptional individuals who receive gallantry or meritorious conduct awards for acts of heroism, often by saving the lives of others.

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