Scouts NSW partners with Return and Earn to support next generation of Scouting


Scouts NSW is one of three major donation partners of the NSW Government’s Return and Earn Scheme from May-August 2019.

From 27 May to 25 August, members of the public can choose to donate their proceeds to Scouts NSW when returning eligible recyclable containers at one of 318 Reverse Vending Machines across New South Wales.

All funds gifted to Scouts NSW through Return and Earn during this period will be allocated to the Scouts NSW Family Support Fund to assist current and prospective youth members to afford the cost of Scouting. Every 20 containers donated gives a night of Scouting to a youth member, enabling them to participate in a range of activities at their local Group level.

Return and Earn aims to significantly reduce litter on our streets, beaches and green spaces, with over 1.84 million drink containers returned at 640 return points since the scheme’s launch in December 2017.

To support as many Scouting members across NSW, I encourage you to share this news with your members and local community.

A number of social media posts have been developed which can be published on your Group’s communications platforms. These posts can be found downloaded by clicking the button below.


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