Safe Participant Qualification

The starting qualification for all Adventurous Activities is Safe Participant. As a Safe Participant, an adult helper, Leader, Rover Scout, or Venturer Scout has the […]

Trained Participant Qualification

The following qualification for Adventurous Activities is a Trained Participant. Trained Participant provides an adult helper, Leader, Rover Scout or Venturer Scout the qualification to […]

Assistant Guide Qualification

Adventurous Activity Assistant Guide is a Scouts NSW Appointment available to Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Leaders. It is a pathway to Guide. The position […]

Guide Qualification

Adventurous Activity Guide is a Scouts NSW Appointment available to Rover Scouts and Leaders. The Adventurous Activity Guide can run activities with higher risk. The […]

Externally Recognised Qualifications

Your Adventurous Activity qualifications can be externally recognised through SAIT. You will need to collect a set of evidence detailed in the External Qualifications Evidence […]